Top 3 Reflections from Justin Dunaway’s Total Spine Manipulation course

I recently returned from Justin Dunaway’s Total Spine Manipulation course in Cincinnati from March 11-12, 2017  and this is the 2nd time I have taken this class.  It was a great experience to reunite with some familiar faces and meet some new people that I have followed on social media. I got to meet 3 people who have also taken  Greg Todd’s Smart Success course while in Cincinnati. Justin’s manipulation class was an amazing course with fantastic delivery and content that is truly going to contribute to changing the profession of PT. Justin and Morgan (his wife) are truly inspiring and altruistic people. They are also in charge of the STAND: The Haiti Project which is an incredible organization aimed at  “establishing permanent access to orthopedic rehabilitative services in the country of Haiti through direct patient care and clinical training of its citizens”.


I feel that I learned a lot of new modifications to help grow my clinical skills and reasoning as I know that I am very much and will always be a student to the field of physical therapy. Below are the top 3 takeaways that I have made this weekend.


  1. Realizing how much I need to Improve on
    • After taking this class in Milwaukee in November, I implemented the techniques to patients that were indicated which resulted in about 1-2 manipulations each day. I got nothing initially and failed frequently and then after modifying and reflecting enough I started to get some cavitations that did help people. This weekend I realized that the successful cavitations that I had gotten on these patients where very low neurophysiologic effect and frankly I was lucky to get the cavitation and how much I need to improve my setups and thrusts. I’ll always be learning and I’ll be a student of the profession forever. I am so happy that I got so much more new modifications and developments with my techniques to continue to work to improve. The process of growth is always an uphill battle with plenty of struggle and failure. I am not afraid of failure anymore and I am starting to learn how to embrace it to push me forward as the saying of “one must get comfortable being uncomfortable in order to achieve your goals” is certainly true.


2. Realizing how bright the future of the PT profession is

At this course there were so many students and PTs who were so dedicated to furthering their skills to truly improve to help their patients. There were so many winners in this group who have such admirable mindsets and ambitions to help advance the profession. They were  also so engaged and they truly represent a very bright future of the field of PT.


3. The future model of Physical Therapy Continuing Education is here!


I have taken now 8 live courses and a handful of online CEUs since graduation and I have learned so much from all of them. The classes that have been the biggest game changers for me include the Mulligan (UQ & LQ and shoutout to Eric Dinkins and Mark Thompson), McKenzie (Part A: Lumbar Spine by Dave Oliver), and the Institute of Clinical Excellence (ICE) courses (Jeff Moore, Justin Dunaway, and Mike Eisenhart).

This is the 3rd class from ICE ( ) that I have taken since being a PT and I feel that the ICE courses are the best comprehensive courses regarding a true eclectic and evidenced-based approach with targeting many aspects of the rehab process rather than just one aspect to create the Physical Therapist Version 2.0. They offer courses regarding many important and different aspects of MSK management from manual therapy, managing athletes, the patient experience, population health and others. The instructors are truly inspiring, passionate, and experts in their content. They offer resources after the course to follow up with for further questions and assistance to help participants continue to grow after the course is over. They have a strong social media presence  and they are very fast to respond to questions. They have mentorship available to help therapists improve their clinical performance to best serve patients. They are continually adapting to make improvements and grow to better serve others and contribute to their mission. They continue to give out free content in the form of blogs and Jeff Moore’s PTonICE podcast which provides such great advice regarding clinical, educational, and some business topics. They are a more than a traditional CEU company.. they are passionate and devoted to their mission and they represent (I believe) the future of continuing education.


Have a great week everyone,




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