5 Habits to Eliminate to be a Happier Person

When  I first started out working as an independent physical therapist, I had a lot of bad habits that over time had contributed to me burning out very early in my career. I felt frustrated and even wanted to consider leaving the field of physical therapy altogether and start over, but then a classmate saved me by introducing me to the podcasts of inspirational leaders in the field of PT including Jeff Moore and Greg Todd. I started to listen to them regularly and I also pursued self-development through podcasts and audio books and I started to implement these strategies into my daily routine. I’d like to share 5 habits that I’ve eliminated since I started working that have made such a positive difference on my mindset in the workplace and life in general.

  1. Trying to please everyone

It’s okay! Accept the fact that it’s not possible to be liked by everyone.  I am not saying that one should not do their best to provide the best customer service everyday as it is so critical; however, sometimes no matter how much/what you do there will always be people who will not be happy or like you. I did my first Periscope video a month ago (and will be doing more soon) and there was someone on my comments section who was posting rude comments. One of my mentors said that there are a few ways to react to these people 1.Quit  2. Step back from what you’re doing &3. Push forward. The best way is to push forward!! If we let people’s opinions influence all that we do, we’ll never grow to our highest potential!

2. Fearing Change

Change is defined as “to make or become different” and this is something that I still struggle with today. Our world is constantly changing and evolving as there are so many changes that have taken place in our world within the past year. If there  was no change then so many aspects of our lives would be nowhere close to what it is today. It is possible to be afraid of change due to failure or success. When I started out, I was very afraid of change out of fear of failure and it truly limited my growth as an individual and therapist. I’ve learned that failure is one of the most powerful ways of learning and becoming better.Personally speaking, I embrace change as a new physical therapist as I feel that if I don’t change/grow then I slowly drift towards burnout and I treat people now different than what I did even a month ago as I’m continually learning and adapting.


3. Living in the Past

We can learn from the past, but if we stay there,we’ll miss out on the present! I used to really dwell on  my failures early on (and still do to a small degree today) to the point where it significantly limited my ability to work on the present. I am all for reflection, but I feel that there’s a line between healthy reflection and unhealthy dwelling on the past.

4. Putting Myself Down

What we think and believe has such a powerful effect on so many aspects of our lives and what we think can either help or hinder us. When I made many mistakes as a young therapist, I was very hard and negative on myself and my mindset was so pessimistic as I truly thought that I was a failure. I have learned that if my mindset was negative, then my life overall tended to be negative. I modified to self-reflect on the positives and the areas for improvement and maintained a positive mindset.  Seriously  having a positive mindset makes a world of difference as you see things in a different light.

5. Overthinking

When you overthink something does it usually result in a positive thought or a negative thought? For me, overthinking resulted in a negative thought 99.9% of the time which would result in me overstressing. I have learned to keep it simple and go with my gut intuition especially with school testing as the more I thought about the question the more likely I’d select the wrong answer when I should’ve stayed with my first answer choice.I do believe that there is a line between overthinking and healthy level of planning, but overthinking for me tended to do more harm than anything!


I hope that you all have enjoyed this list and thank you for reading!

Have  a great week,







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